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Chiropractic in California

Chiropractic in California

Chiropractic was officially recognized by the voters of California by the “Chiropractic Initiative Act of California” which went into law on December 22, 1922.

California Capital Building

The Californian government passed the Chiropractic Initiative Act in 1922.

The new law described the licensing process, created the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the scope of practice of chiropractors in the State of California.

In 1942 legislation was passed that included chiropractors in the California Workers Compensation act. This afforded chiropractors reimbursement when injured workers consulted their office.

Misunderstood, and often the target of bias and discrimination, chiropractors in California enjoyed a momentous success in 1968. That was the year that the California Insurance Code was amended, extending insurance equality to chiropractors seeing insured patients.

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